1. How to request calibration service?

Calibration service shall be submitted by fax, by email, in person, or by post.

  1. What is pre-request to get the service?

  • For on-site calibrations the customer will be required to pay the calibration fee and per-diem payment in advance and provide transportation during calibration.

  • For calibrations which are provided in our laboratories, payment shall be made either after calibration is completed and before collecting the instrument or any convenient time before this.


  1. What is the advantage of the getting service based on a pre-agreement document?

  • The customer will get the service based on the schedule set by agreement

  • The customer can pay the fees after getting the service and collecting calibration certificates.

  • NMIE will able to plan services and be benefited with organizing resources in a better way.


  1. For how long will be the calibration certificate be valid?

  • The interval of calibration will be set by the customer, usually it is a year but it will vary on many metrological factors

  1. Does NMIE provide TLD measurement
  • Yes, to monitor personnel exposure level to radiation who working near to radiation sources wear  TLD badge and the amount of exposure is measure monthly.