About NMIE About NMIE

About NMIE

The National Metrology Institute (NMI) of Ethiopia is established by the Council of Ministers regulation No. 194/2010 since 10th February 2011.

The Institute is responsible for the maintenance of Ethiopian National Measurement Standards and Certified Reference Materials (CRM). It also provides calibration, training and consultancy services in the areas of metrology and scientific equipments.


To make the society beneficiary of the modern measurement system by implementing  national measurement system based on the internationally accepted practices.


To be a National Metrology Institute that fulfills the country's need in the field of metrology, internationally recognized and the most credible in Africa


The Institute shall have the objectives to:

1. Develop national metrology system compatible with international metrology system and ensure technology transfer in the sector;

2. Establish and implement a system that enables to compare Ethiopian National Measurement  Standfards and Certified Reference Materials with international Measurment Standards and to maintain and disseminate them;

3. Support education and research activities in the field of metrology;

4. Build National capacity for maintenance of scientific instruments and provide maintenance services.

5. Provide technical training, consultancy and information services on scientific equipment with a view to supporting users to carry out their duties.